Larry L., Central Valley

This nut grower farms 20,000 acres and had a field where irrigation was poor and water runoff was high. Higher sodium levels have a negative effect on water infiltration. After analyzing the most recent soil test, it was recommended to inject one quart of IgniteS2 through drip irrigation due to our product's sodium reducing capabilities. Within 24Hrs of application, water runoff had decreased substantially...30 days later, the grower said:

"The field is draining very well. Doesn't look like the same field during irrigation".

Two months from the original soil test, and after the application of one quart of IgniteS2 through irrigation, another soil test was taken...IgniteS2 reduced sodium levels by 44%!


AG KAWAMURA, Orange County

Head of Family-Owned Orange County(OC) Produce and Former Secretary of California's Department of Food & Agriculture...

"I've been using products like Foliar Blend and Ultra for well over 20 years now.. while they are not the only products I use, I do not grow anything, either organic or conventional, without Agri-Gro products".

In grower's own words:

Dr. David Sasseville & our WCS Team listens to AG during SEP 2014 visit to his OC operations..

AG Kawamura

We salute and support the words and deeds of AG and others concerned, like us, with the challenges we face to feed the world with less while demanding more! Organizations like AG's "Solutions from the Land"(SFL) are vital in this very significant world-wide endeavor...take a listen to this brief but powerful video!..