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It's not the same'ol fertility remedies's now economically improved technologies and techniques incorporated into a grower's existing fertility program that's crucial for survival and success.

The WCS team realizes there are often times where insoluble nutrients are unavailable to your crops...fertility investments you have made with no benefits received. Using our proven products, we help growers access vital nutrients through triggered natural biological processes, increasing both enzymatic and microbial activity. The soils' insoluble nutrients then become converted to healthier plants through improved nutrient uptake and levels producing higher yield, greater insect and disease suppression, mandate higher concentrations of nitrogen, calcium, copper, potassium, manganese, phosphorous, boron, moly, iron and zinc. The concentrations of nutrients in vegetative tissues plays keen roles on the yield, test weight, color, uniformity, shelf-life and overall crop quality.

By 2050, world populations are expected to reach over 9 billion. Agriculture will play an increasingly important and crucial role to global economies and stability in feeding an ever hungrier world. Growers will all experience unpredictable climates, drought/flooding conditions, and most important, a broad spectrum of technologies & skills including bio-stimulants and advanced plant nutrient procurement.

Western Crops & Soils will play a vital role for bringing those technologies to meet the challenges for growers and to assist in the future dynamics of sound agronomic practices across the US.