Western Crops & Soils, LLC does not warrant, expressed or implied, product performance. Products produce different results dependent on variables including weather, soils, irrigation, crop genetics and application techniques. Grower's reported results and product claims are deemed reliable but not guaranteed..


Partners for Years...Agri-Gro & AgriGuardian-

have established traditions of excellence, manufacturing an ever-increasing line of innovative products that offer unmatched value for the global marketplace. Over time, both have become leaders in the field of nutritional supplement technology for commercial & organic agricultural and horticultural use. Through the use of innovative products like IgniteS2, Agri-Cal, Ultra, Foliar Blend, Micro-Mix, NutraBoost and MOLY, growers around the globe are producing higher quality, better yielding crops while lowering production costs and dependence on chemical inputs.

Over the years, Agri-Gro & AgriGuardian products have been researched by the USDA and numerous state universities to perform as claimed, Simply stated, product technologies are designed to deliver what conventional N-P-K fertilizer, physical tillage and the best seed genetics alone cannot.

Agri-Gro & AgriGuardian products are environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and contain no pathogenic micro organisms. They are very user-friendly, have a long, stable shelf-life and excellent storage characteristics.

Together, Agr-Gro & AgriGuardian continue to seek ways of improving existing formulations along with the development of new, environmentally sound techniques..



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