Molybdenum deficiencies are the most misdiagnosed nutrient deficency in crops. Molydbenum is an essential plant nutrient required by all plants to complete their life cycles. It is required in tiny quantities compared to traditional fertilizers. Thus is is often ignored, especislly when molybdenum deficiency looks just like nitrogen deficency. Most labs do not routinely analyze for molybdenum in soil and tissue samples, but molybdenum has been found to be deficient in very high percentages of agronomic crop soil and tissue samples.

All crops that fix nitrogen need molybdenum. The enzyme that fixes nitrogen contains molybdenum, and without molybdenum, there is no N-fixation. Crops need MOLY to get full use of applied nitrogen fertilizer or nitrogen mineralized from the soil.Type your paragraph here.

MOLY Benefits at a Glance

  • Molybdenum(MOLY) provides an essential plant nutrient
  • MOLY overcomes deficiencies often ignoredor overlooked
  • Provides N-fixation
  • MOLY helps crops use Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3)