Micro-Mix is a blend of sugar-based chelated micronutrients designed to overcome subtle micronutrient deficiencies commonly found in crops, and those caused by herbicide usage. Most crops need one or more micronutrients contained in Micro-Mix to produce highest yields.

Micro-Mix has demonstrated consistently higher yield and excellent return on investment for all crops. Micro-Mix helps offset the negative effects of glyphosate-based herbicides on crop growth and performance.

Micro-Mis was specifically formulated to be mixed with glyphosate without loss of herbicide efficiency. This tank mix capability means that the crop has these essential micronutrients immediately available for use helping to eliminate the "yellow flash" and set backs caused by the glyphosate.

All crops need the essential micronutrients in Micro-Mix. Most soils tested have been found to be deficient in one or more nutrients contained in Micro-Mix. Micro-Mix provides a balance of micronutrients and in forms readily available by crops..

Micro-Mix Benefits at a Glance

  • Consistently higher yields
  • Contains Mn, Fe, Cu, B, Mo, Co
  • Helps offset Glyphosate drags on yield and plant health
  • Excellent source of balanced micrnutrients for all plants.
  • Good crops yields require more than just N-P-K.