FoliarBlend Benefits at a Glance

  • Improves Plant Development
  • Reduces Glyphosate Yield Drag
  • Improves Plant Health
  • Increases Yields and Crop Quality.

Extreme temperatures, adverse weather conditions, disease, insect pressure, plus inadequate and imbalanced plant nutrition...All of these conditions can rob your crops of the yield and profits you deserve!

When applied as part of a good management program, FoliarBlend works to keep your plants and the immediate soil environment "spiked-up" with the nutritional supplements required to maximize yield and support plant health!

FoliarBlend simply helps a plant to reach it's genetic yield potential by boosting plant growth, increasing nutrient uptake, supporting plant health and quality, and building a healthy growing environment. Research has proven that cops treated with FoliarBlend are healthier, have improved nutrient uptake and availability, plant growth and higher yields.

FoliarBlend represents a new generation of technology containing complex carbohydrates, essential plan micro-nutrients, a proprietary b;end of beneficial enzymes, amino acids and a host of nutritional supplements not found in ordinary N-P-K fertilizers. FoliarBlend has a profound effect on both the plant and soil environment.t.

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