Western Crops & Soils evolved from the need to introduce new technologies to improve plant & soil health and avoid the paradigm of following what was considered the usual old traditions. The dynamic of these new products can be overbearing in number and too time consuming for individual growers to keep up with.

That is the focus of WCS...staying abreast of those qualified products that are field proven which have been shown to improve crop quality, soil health and increase yields. Our primary goal is to provide utmost care and equal respect for all our customers while providing unparalleled service in establishing a positive agronomy program to assist growers and their operations.

WCS is the Authorized Distributor for both Agri-Gro and AgriGuardian products, amongst others, who are recognized leaders in the development of fertility products for both conventional and organic(CDFA & OMRI approved) and our goals include introducing products like these to growers to minimize inputs while maximizing yield and profits.  

Equally important, WCS has concluded past and current trial crop studies with UC Davis and other reputable "arms length" research studies thoroughly replicated before bringing these products to growers, thus improving time management and giving growers confidence that recommended products are on the forefront of fertility across the US and around the globe..


At Western Crops & Soils, our mission is to simplify the complex task of understanding individual growers challenges and goals...to get to know their specific objectives to achieve dynamic agronomic and economic needs in a challenging industry. WCS products will assist with grower's conventional and organic crops and soils goals, including salinity reduction and improving tilth, porosity and nutrient uptake.

Today's agronomic dynamics require a constant vigilance for new product awareness to remain competitive. The new and future regulatory requirements on key fertility components will have an effect for all growers and crops. WCS and it's collaborative continually investigate what products can be incorporated that are branded, innovative, proprietary "field proven" products that will be cost effective and assist growers in increasing their yields, and improve their plant and soil health. This alliance allows growers more time directed to their production operation..

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At Western Crops & Soils, , our mission is simple: to understand the...

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Western Crops & Soils, evolved from the need t0 introduce new technologies to improve plant & soil health...